cuplex kryos XT for Socket 2011/2011-3, G1/4

cuplex kryos XT for Socket 2011/2011-3, G1/4

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Developing the cuplex kryos has been the most involved CPU cooler development for Aqua Computer to date. While you do not see much of it from the outside, every detail has been simulated, prototyped and tested in many varaitions. In total, almost 70 different base plates and 20 bodies have been produced for testing. The ultimate goal was to produce the world's best CPU cooler. We were finally content with what we have achieved - see for yourself and check the many independent tests and reviews!

The construction of the cuplex kryos is similar to the cuplex pro: The coolant is injected onto the center of the base plate and then flows through a microstructure of copper pins - opposed to simple channels used in many competing products. The copper pin structure is extremely dense and consists of 1911 individual pins, each measuring 0.25 x 0.45 mm.

Compared with previous models, the retention mechanism has been redesigned. Due to the increased weight, all metal body versions of the cuplex kryos now feature a retention system with a mechanical stop. Special knurled screws can simply be screwed in all the way, automatically resulting in an even pressure distribution. Additionally, the top models with nickel plated or copper bodies ship with a stainless steel back plate and rubber insulation (not available and required for socket 2011).

Six versions of the cuplex kryos are available:
The high performance versions cuplex kryos XT and cuplex kryos HF will give you the best cooling performance. They are equipped with a nickel plated brass body (XT) or a copper boby (HF), the new retention mechanism as well as back plates (not available and required for socket 2011). The base plate is identical in design for all versions.

The cuplex kryos PRO has a brass body and does not ship with a backplate, otherwise it is identical to the cuplex kryos XT.

As a cost effective version, the cuplex kryos Delrin is available. The body is made from Delrin and the retention system has been adopted from the cuplex XT di series. For comparison: In our tests, the cuplex kryos Delrin performed 0.3 - 0.5 °C worse than the metal body versions on a i7-960 CPU. This is still an impressive performance!

Finally, if you are looking for an outstanding product, there is the cuplex kryos .925 silver edition. As you might have guessed, these versions feature a base plate manufactured from massive .925 sterling silver. Thermal conductivity of silver is about 10 % better than copper, making this version the best performing cooler of the cuplex kryos series. Due to the high cost of silver, these versions currently cost EUR 120 more than the corresponding copper base plate versions.

Comparison chart of the cuplex kryos versions:

FeatureDelrinPROXTHFsilver edition
Pre-stressed base plate
Base plate materialCopperCopperCopperCopper.925 silver
Number of copper/silver pins19111911191119111911
Body materialDelrinBrassNickel plated brasscopperNickel plated brass or copper
Classic retention system    
Retention system with mechanical stop 
(not available and required for socket 2011)
Connection thread; Center distanceG 1/4; 23.75 mmG 1/4; 23.75 mmG 1/4; 23.75 mmG 1/4; 23.75 mmG 1/4; 23.75 mm

Scope of delivery:
- Water block
- Mounting material (screws, springs, etc.)
- Thermally conductive paste Prolimatech PK-1, approx. 1 gram in foil packaging

Please note:
G 1/4 connection threads, please order fittings suitable for your hose system separately.

cuplex kryos XT for Socket 2011/2011-3, G1/4 cuplex kryos XT for Socket 2011/2011-3, G1/4 cuplex kryos XT for Socket 2011/2011-3, G1/4

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