twinplex Rev. 1.2 Chipset G1/4

twinplex Rev. 1.2 Chipset G1/4

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The twinplex and twinplex pro series represent a highly modular chipset and GPU water cooler series. The water blocks can easily be equipped with different retention plates to adapt to changing hardware. As with the cuplex CPU cooler series, only premium materials such as pure copper, stainless steel and Plexiglas are used. The twinplex and twinplex pro series are equipped with o-ring seals and can therefore easily be disassembled for cleaning or changing of the retention plate.
The main difference between the twinplex series and the twinplex pro series is the base part made from copper:
- The twinplex series is equipped with a "S" shaped channel milled into a massive, approximately 11 mm thick copper plate, therefore having a very low flow resistance.
- The twinplex pro series features a microstructure of 64 copper pins for higher performance, the total thickness of the copper base part is approximately 4.5 mm.

Scope of delivery:
One water cooler with mounting material

Distance between screws (center to center):
ca. 53-61 mm

Compatible to:
Many motherboards for AMD processors
Many motherboards for INTEL processors
Graphics cards of the FX6600/FX7600 series
Graphics cards of the X1600 series

Please note:
Fittings are not included in delivery, please order seperately. The threads for fittings are G1/4.

You can use the following link for a complete reference of all available retention plates for the twinplex/twinplex pro series. The document shows shows all plates in scale 1:1. Please make sure that Adobe reader is set not to resize the pages if you print the document.

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