aquaero 5 LT USB fan controller

aquaero 5 LT USB fan controller

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The aquaero is an absolutely autonomous working microprocessor-controlled device with USB 2.0 interface. All speed parameters and sensor values can be set and visualized in an user-friendly PC-software.

The key features of the aquaero 5 include:
· Programmable four channel fan controller
· USB 2.0 and aquabus interface
· Four fan outputs with current measurement
· Versatile control options
· Eight temperature sensor inputs
· Flow sensor input
· Three LED outputs
· Potential-free switch
· Two additional power outputs
· Extensive alarm options
· Acoustical alarm
· Speed signal output for status evaluation
· Expandable to a maximum of 12 fan channels

For a more thorough feature description, we recommend to download the manual: aquaero_5_aquaero_6_english.pdf

Several Aqua Computer products can be used to expand the functionality of the aquaero 5 Controller. These expansions are dynamically mapped into the device, creating a consistent control system rather than individual devices.

In maximum configuration, the following devices can be connected to an aquaero via aquabus to expand functionality:
4x Calitemp
2x aquaero 5/6 LT
8x poweradjust 2/3
2x aquastream ULTIMATE or aquastream XT pump
2x D5 NEXT pump
4x VISION based products
4x mps based devices (flow sensor, pressure/fill level sensor or D5 pump with aquabus)
2x farbwerk
1x Real Time Clock expansion module

When connecting aquabus devices to expand functionality, overlapping assignments will restrict the maximum number of inputs and outputs that can be used. The aquaero can control a total of:
12 fan outputs
64 temperature sensors
6 pumps
14 flow sensors
4 fill level or pressure sensors
9 RGB outputs
1 relay contact

In case of overlapping assignments, predefined priorities determine which device will be used by the aquaero. Details can be found in the manual, which is also available as a download.

Scope of delivery:
- aquaero 5 LT controller
- four temperature sensors, length approx. 70 cm
- one internal USB cable, length approx. 100 cm
- one connection cable for speed signal or aquabus
- manual
- mounting material

Notes on the aquasuite software:
This product contains a non-expiring license for the active version of the aquasuite software at the time of device activation and update service for a period of at least twelve (12) months. Please note that an internet connection is required for the installation and activation of the software. Further information about the licensing and activation of the aquasuite software can be found here.

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