airplex modularity system 140 mm, aluminum fins, one circuit, stainless steel side panels

airplex modularity system 140 mm, aluminum fins, one circuit, stainless steel side panels

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The airplex modularity system is a modular radiator series for PC water cooling and represents the competence and know-how of Aqua Computer - manufacturing water cooling systems since 2001.

Key features of the airplex modularity system:
- Modular system
- Extremely high cooling performance
- Extensible by connecting radiators side-by-side and/or stacked on top of each other
- No welding residues (since no welding is performed during production)
- Radiator can be disassembled, for example for cleaning
- Radiators with two separated loops available
- Optimized flow resistance
- Fins are free of coating for good heat transfer
- Pump modules and reservoirs available
- Exchangeable side panels for individualisation
- Fin spacing optimized for low fan speeds and excellent passive cooling performance
- Cooling liquid has no direct contact to aluminum (pipes are made of copper)
- High precision production for perfect fit
- Riveted threads for fan installation
- Comprehensive range of accessories available (reservoirs, pump modules, stands, filters, sensors, ...)
- Many models are also available with copper fins for higher cooling capacity
- Approved for a pressure of up to 0.8 bar

The main component of each radiator is a tube/fin element consisting of 21 copper tubes with aluminum or copper fins and a stainless steel flange. On both ends, terminals made from acetal are mounted, each equipped with o-ring seals and securely fastened by screws. A recess around each connection thread of the terminal can be used to connect flatly to another radiator using a small adapter - without using bulky tubing. Water flow is predefined by design: Radiators mounted side by side will be connected consecutively, radiators mounted on top of each other will be connected in parallel.

All radiator types have an width of 146 mm and fit perfectly into standard 51/4 drive bays. Radiator height (without pump modules) is 63.5 mm, radiator length (without pump modules) can be calculated by adding 44 mm to the specified fan dimensions (for example model 360: 360 mm + 44 mm = 404 mm).
All threads are G1/4 and all fittings from the Aqua Computer web shop are compatible.

For special configurations, all radiator sizes are available with two separated coolant loops. For these radiators, approximately 70% of the fin surface is used for the primary loop and approximately 30% for secondary loop. Both loops are sealed against each other, there is no transfer of coolant from one loop to the other.
Radiator versions with integrated pump module and reservoir reduce space consumption and save time and effort.

Scope of delivery:
One radiator

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