aquastream XT Upgrade Kit to aquastream ULTIMATE

aquastream XT Upgrade Kit to aquastream ULTIMATE

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This upgrade kit can be used to convert an existing aquastream XT pump to an aquastream ULTIMATE pump. After upgrading, all aquastream ULTIMATE features are available, so there is no difference to pumps shipped as aquastream ULTMATE from factory.

Scope of delivery:
One aquastream ULTIMATE controller with OLED display, pre-assembled with red plastic housing

Video tutorial for upgrade:

Please note:
This upgrade kit is compatible to aquastream XT pumps only, Aqua Computer part numbers 41059, 41060 and 41061.
If used with very old aquastream pumps (aqustream 3.5 for example), the pump impeller must also be replaced - please contact Aqua Computer customer service if necessary. Not compatible to other pump models or brands!
The software extensions "virtual flow sensor" and "advanced controller package" are temporarily activated during the first 48 hours of operation for testing purposes (trial period). These optional features can be purchased separately as a permanent software extension.

Notes on the aquasuite software:
When you activate this product you will receive the current version of the aquasuite software including an upgrade service for at least eighteen (18) months. After the expiration of the upgrade service you may use and reinstall the latest version available during the upgrade period without a time limit.
The update service can optionally be extended or renewed at any time for a fee.
Please note that an internet connection is required for the installation and activation of the aquasuite software.
Further information about the update service and the activation of the aquasuite software can be found here.

aquastream XT Upgrade Kit to aquastream ULTIMATE aquastream XT Upgrade Kit to aquastream ULTIMATE

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