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cuplex kryos NEXT sTRX4 FC with VISION RGBpx

cuplex kryos NEXT sTRX4 FC with VISION RGBpx

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CPU water block for sTRX4, perfectly adapted to the revised chip layout of the third generation of Threadripper CPUs.

Base part with micro structure
All mechanical components of the water block are CNC machined at Aqua Computer's headquarters in Germany. The copper base features a huge area microstructure (51 x 45 mm), which is machined with the finest spacing manufactured by Aqua Computer (less than 0.2 mm). This microstructure is one of the reasons for the exceptional cooling performance of the cuplex kryos NEXT sTRX4 FC.
The contact area to the CPU is machined with increased precision and then polished for perfect heat transfer. Additionally, the copper base is finished with nickel plating.

Full size CPU coverage
The "FC" token stands for "Full Cover" - the copper base of the water black covers the whole CPU. Heat generation is not distributed evenly within the CPU, thermal energy is concentrated in certain areas. Specially designed for the third processor generation, an optimized internal coolant flow ensures maximum cooling performance in the areas where thermal energy is generated.

Retention system
The cuplex kryos NEXT sTRX4 FC retention system ensures easy installation. Recessed springs and screws with mechanical stop
result in optimum clamping force and even force distribution.
For optimum performance, outstanding thermal compound is included. A syringe with 1 gram of Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is included, complete with plastic spatula. This compound has a high thermal conductivity and spreads out thin and evenly between CPU and water block due to its low viscosity.

VISION RGBpx: Integrated electronics
The cuplex kryos NEXT sTRX4 FC is the first product to feature a version of the VISION module with integrated RGBpx controller. 15 integrated, addressable RGBpx LEDs below the black anodized aluminum frame are directly controlled by the VISION module.
Further features include:
- Water temperature sensor integrated in water block
- 128 x 64 px OLED display
- USB interface
- Customizable display output
- Various hardware data can be displayed from the aquasuite software, for example current CPU load

Material combination
Base material: Copper, nickel plated
Housing material: Acrylic glass
Frame material: Aluminum, black anodized

Technical details
Dimensions: ca. 117 x 77 x 18 mm (not including screws)
Connection threads: G1/4
Distance between threads: 35 mm

Scope of delivery
- Water block
- Mounting material (screws, springs)
- Thermal compound Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, approx. 1 grams in syringe
- Plastic spatula
- Instruction manual

Notes on the aquasuite software:
When you activate this product you will receive the current version of the aquasuite software including an upgrade service for at least six (6) months. After the expiration of the upgrade service you may use and reinstall the latest version available during the upgrade period without a time limit.
The update service can optionally be extended or renewed at any time for a fee.
Please note that an internet connection is required for the installation and activation of the aquasuite software.
Further information about the update service and the activation of the aquasuite software can be found here.

cuplex kryos NEXT sTRX4 FC with VISION RGBpxcuplex kryos NEXT sTRX4 FC with VISION RGBpxcuplex kryos NEXT sTRX4 FC with VISION RGBpxcuplex kryos NEXT sTRX4 FC with VISION RGBpx

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